Helping you achieve what you want in life

Knowing how to sell yourself and use all the experience you have gained already, depends upon you realising what you have learnt as well as what universities will be looking for.


No matter what age you are or what experience you have, there is always that question when applying for a job, what do I or don't I include in my cv that will show prospective employers what I am capable of?

Do you have an important report to write?

​Have you been working on a report for such a long time that it is impossible to look at it objectively?


Do you want another professional eye to check, read and make comments on a report or essay? Do you need a piece of work to be accurate and don't have time to do the checking yourself ? Contact me to see how I can help.

You have a big presentation to do. How do you organise your thoughts, ideas and information to get across the message you want to?

No matter what the event, experienced and professional help in planning and organising can make all the difference.


My technique is based on a very personal approach and I will firstly discuss with you the context of the role you are looking for/have an interview for.

I then offer bespoke preparation that will fulfil a range of requirements.


If you need to develop your essay writing skills so coursework, controlled assessments or essays can really get those top marks then you need to talk to me here at Alison Dawson Educational Consultancy.


Do you know how to make the best of your skills as a student?​​

Do you know what your preferred learning style is?

Have you ever thought of making your notes in a different way to help you remember them?


Do you, or does your child find it difficult to keep on track with work?


Do you or you child want help with how to organise work?


Have you written an essay that needs checking so you can get the best marks possible?  

Do you want an experienced Headteacher to help you approach it in the right way?



Have you been out of teaching for a while?

​​Do you want to give yourself a fighting chance at interview armed with all the current trends in education and the buzz words all the other candidates would know?

I am professional and a highly experienced senior leader/


teacher. Highly educated up to and including a Masters degree.

​Fast and reliable with a large dose of integrity thrown in.