Foreign student support

Proof Reading

Have you written an essay that needs checking so you can get the best marks possible?  

Do you want an experienced Headteacher to help you approach it in the right way?

I can help proof read your work and make sure you are explaining what you want to in the right way. It is about you achieving your best. Please see Pricing Page.

English Speaking Practice

Are you a foreign student or just not very confident when it comes to speaking in public or interacting with others?

I can help give you the oral practice that helps develop your linguistic skills. I willl use any appropriate topic to aid your communication for a daily basis.

It is advised that a series of sessions are booked so that measurable progress can be demonstrated. However, for those just wanting a confidence booster one session can be arranged.

​Each session will last 55 minutes and can be booked as individual sessions or as a block. 

Cost per session 55 minutes is: £50


Study Skills and the English Education System

If you want to know how to study best, bearing in mind we all learn differently, then I can help teach you the skills to make the most out of your education.

Cost per session 55 minutes is: £50   


If you want to find out more about how the education system works so you can plan and organise where and what to do next, just contact me and I can explain the system very clearly to help guide you in the right direction

Cost per session 55 minutes is: £50

Tutoring in English

Do you need help with the English language, writing, spelling etc? Just book a session or a group of sessions to help improve your use of the written word.  I start at where you are so don’t worry about anything being too difficult or too easy.                 

Cost per session 55 minutes is: £50