CV writing and advice

No matter what age you are or what experience you have, there is always that question when applying for a job, what do I or don't I include in my cv that will show prospective employers what I am capable of?

At A.D.E.C I can help you sort out the 'wood from the trees' and talk to you about your strengths and skills, enabling your cv to shine above the rest.

If you already have a cv that you want overhauling or are starting from scratch, I can help organise your thoughts so that you have a succinct, yet purposeful cv to use to help you get that job.

This is often best done by having an hours discussion, followed by time to make a brief outline for your actual cv.  If you want the entire cv written for you in a bespoke manner, rather than using a formula, then I can provide you with that personal service.

Sessions are booked for either 55 minutes or 1 hour and 50 minutes. see Pricing Page